Radiology Symposium - SRATS Congress Day 2, 22 March 2018


  1. Round Table: Malpractice in digital era: beyond imaging errors


  • Claims of malpractice concerning the musculoskeletal system

The amount of claims of malpractice has constantly increased during the last decennium in West-European countries, following the trend already set in the USA. The majority of the claims in the domain of musculoskeletal radiology encompass missed fractures and early tumours which are being discovered retrospectively. Most of these missed opportunities resulted in invalidating osteoarticular deformities that induced chronic invalidation and secondary surgery.

In cases of missed tumours the claims pointed on blameworthy negligence that resulted in a irreparable worsening of prognosis.

The procedural proceedings concerning the claims are seldom free of hindsight bias. This adds an inherent difficulty in already intricate judgement a posteriori.

Several relevant medical and procedural issues raised by claims and complaints of the patients concerning the practice of musculoskeletal radiology will be discussed  and illustrated.



Invited speaker - R.A. Manoliu MD, PhD

Consultant radiologist VEDUMA medical advisers
Radiologist, MRI Centrum Amsterdam
Emeritus professor of radiology Free University Amsterdam
The Netherlands
  • Diagnostic errors from us all

Invited speakers

Sorin Ghiea

Emi Preda

Dragos Cuzino

Vladimir Ene


2. Workshop: Ultrasound of the shoulder 

– teaching session –

This workshop is adressed to orthopedists and radiologists.

Places are limited to 40 due to the practical nature of the hands-on session, where each participant should practice the technique of shoulder ultrasound.

  • 7 steps for quick learning ultrasound of the shoulder 30 min
  •  Hands on -  ultrasound of the shoulder  60 min

Invited Speaker
Sorin Ghiea